Analisis Konflik Novel HAP Karya Azwar Sutan Malaka





Nila Karmila, Hasnul Fikri, Syofiani



This research aims to describe the forms, of social conflict, causes and impact of social conflict illustrated on the novel of Hidup Adalah Perjuangan by Azwar Sutan Malaka. The concept of this research was social conflict that stated by Soekonto. The type of this research was qualitative research by using descriptive method. The stages of collection data were (1) reading and understanding the novel of Hidup Adalah Perjuangan comprehensively (2) marking all supported data of description structure of social conflict and (3) making recording data related to research problem. The procedure of data analysis were (1) description of structure, thus stories, character and setting structure can be illustrated clearly (2) classifying all data obtained (3) analyzing data that have been classified, (4) giving interpretation to the data analysis result, and (5) making a inference.  Based on the result of data analysis was found the types of social conflict happened individual conflict with their self 2 data, individual conflict with family environment 6 data and individual conflict with society environment 21 data. The social conflict triggered by difference factors among individual, the difference of cultural background,  the difference of individual interest and group relationship. The impact of social conflict happened by increasing the solidarity in-group, change the individual personality, fall the human victim and accommodation, domination and treat of one side. Thus  it can be concluded that the type of individual conflict   with society environment was frequently happened on the novel of Hidup Adalah Perjungan by Azwar Sutan Malaka

Key words: Novel, Social Conflict

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